Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Update - 3/6/2017

Last summer we announced that Statuspage joined the Atlassian family! As part of integrating Statuspage into Atlassian, we're happy to announce a consolidated set of legal terms and privacy notice for all Statuspage and Atlassian customers. Customers will no longer have separate terms for Statuspage and Atlassian services. Instead, Statuspage will be offered under the Atlassian Customer Agreement (with Statuspage Service-Specific Terms) effective April 5, 2017 (30 days from today) for free trials and new purchases. For existing paid subscriptions, the new agreement will take effect on your first renewal after this date.

Here's a quick summary of the more significant changes as compared to the Statuspage Terms of Service:

  • One common agreement - the Atlassian Customer Agreement incorporates both Statuspage and Atlassian services into a unified contract. This will simplify your life and ours!
  • More robust terms for cloud services - the Atlassian Customer Agreement contains more of the provisions that are typical in cloud services agreements
  • The Atlassian Customer Agreement is more customer-friendly - Atlassian offers its customers certain protections that were previously unavailable to Statuspage customers. This includes a 30 day return period, terms for Public Statuspage users, and industry-standard dispute resolution. Now Statuspage customers receive the same benefits as Atlassian's 60,000+ customers.
  • One privacy notice that tells you how Atlassian manages your information - Our privacy notice has been recently updated to reflect our Privacy Shield certification. We have also made it easier to read and understand. We added heading and key highlights so you can find the information most relevant to you about how Atlassian collects, uses, and shares information.

Here are some important things that will remain the same:

  • Statuspage core features - The Statuspage features and functionality that you rely on are not changing.
  • Statuspage integrations - We will continue to make available and support the Statuspage integrations.
  • Statuspage pricing - Statuspage pricing is also staying the same. Whichever plan(s) you are paying for today will be the same plan(s) on April 5, 2017.

We highly encourage you to read the Atlassian Customer Agreement and privacy notice and to contact our team with any questions you may have. We've also created FAQs (below) as a helpful resource in understanding the key changes taking place.

By using or continuing to use the Statuspage services, you or your company agrees to be bound by our new terms. If your subscription is set to auto-renew and you are not willing to accept these new terms, please make sure to let us know prior to your next renewal (or prior to April 5, 2017 if you're a free or unpaid user) by emailing hi@statuspage.io and we'll get the account canceled for you.

Thanks again for being a Statuspage customer. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at hi@statuspage.io.


Which customers does this affect?
The changes described above affect all Statuspage customers.

Where can I find the old Statuspage Terms of Service?
The Statuspage Terms of Service can be found at https://statuspage.io/terms-of-service.

I'm not sure when the Atlassian Customer Agreement will take effect for me. How can I find out?
Please email hi@statuspage.io and we'll gladly let you know.

Why have the Statuspage terms of use changed? Statuspage is now part of the Atlassian product suite. We consider the Atlassian Customer Agreement to be a significant improvement on the prior version of the Statuspage Terms of Service. We know legal terms are boring, but this is important stuff and encourage all customers to read the Atlassian Customer Agreement.

Do I need to do anything to keep my status page live (or running) under the new terms?
Nope, you’ll be able to use Statuspage as usual with no changes expected. Statuspage will continue to operate as a standalone service within the Atlassian suite.

Are there any changes to pricing that affect me?
There are no pricing changes going into effect with this transition. Only the Statuspage terms and conditions are changing. If we do decide to update pricing in the future, we’ll make sure to provide reasonable notice and recommendations for any actions needed.

I’m currently an Atlassian customer. Will my billing for Statuspage be consolidated with my other Atlassian products?
Not yet, although it’s definitely on the to-do list. We will be in touch when we’re ready.

Our legal department would like to make some changes to the Atlassian Customer Agreement. Is that ok?
Atlassian is different from most companies when it comes to selling services. We don't have long negotiated enterprise sales cycles and instead optimize around a great product, transparent pricing, and consistent terms. This focus allows us to build the best possible cloud services at affordable prices. To do this, Atlassian is unable to make any changes to its terms and conditions. Maintaining standard terms and conditions with all Atlassian customers also allows us to focus resources on meeting our obligations to our customers. Do keep in mind that the updated terms have been carefully authored to be fair to both you and us.

What can I do if I don't like your new terms?
Get in touch with us at hi@statuspage.io. We're happy to discuss any concerns, although we'll need to cancel your Statuspage subscription if you do not wish to accept the new terms.

I have some other questions. Who can I contact to discuss?
We’re more than happy to help. Give us a shout at hi@statuspage.io and we’ll be in touch.

Will Atlassian do something different with my information?
No. Atlassian is committed to your privacy and to safeguarding your information. Atlassian will handle your information the same way Statuspage always has.

What is Privacy Shield and why is it in Atlassian's Privacy Notice?
The Privacy Shield Program is a framework agreed to by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission to allow for adequate protections for the transfer of personal information about European Union (EU) individuals. Atlassian joined the Privacy Shield Program to appropriately transfer the personal data of our EU customers from the EU to the U.S and meet EU Data Protection requirements. Participating in the Privacy Shield is part of Atlassian's commitment to privacy and data stewardship.